Saturday, October 17, 2009

E to the Extreme

So this week at school we were learning about the letter Ee.
On Monday we learned about Eggs.

We even had an egg race where we pushed plastic Easter eggs with our noses to the finish line.

I thought about making them push it with their ears or elbows to stick with the E theme, but that was a little too much for them.

Then on Wednesday, we learned about Elephants. We walked like elephants and
played soccer like an elephant.

On Friday I was planning on having a lessons on Eyes. I was going to even make up and eye chart.

Instead we actually took Wild Man to the eye doctor.

Because I am that dedicated to teaching my children.


Not really.

Instead when you mix one of these,

and a precocious 3 year old that decided we wanted to exercise.

You get this.

The bar of the resistance band smacked him right in the eye.

Right after it happened, there was blood in his pupil. But the next day it went away.

Then his pupil was more dilated then his other eye.

Then we noticed that his pupil was oblong.

So off to the pediatric optomologist.

On the bright side he did get to see an eye chart and they couldn't find any blood in his eye.

The bad part is that because he did have blood in the pupil right after it happened they are treating him as though he has hyphema for fear that his eye may rupture.

So what that means is that we have to keep him as still as possible. No jumping, running, screaming, crying, bending over, or just getting excited for that matter.

Is it bad that I laughed after they explained that to me?

Have they been around a 3 year old...ever?

Now I should let you know that, Wild Man did this Tuesday night while Mr. Genius and I were cleaning up dinner. Between Wednesday and Friday, Wild Man has jumped off of every flat surface in this house and I do not think it is in Wild Man's make up to walk. He only runs. There have been screams of joy and screams when we are unhappy with not being able to eat chocolate all the live long day.

We are doing are ever loving best to be cautious with him and telling him to walk that I will pick things up for him, and that we talk quietly.

Then after naptime I went to get him out of bed and he was jumping on and off his bed.

So far no rupture, but we keep his dressed as a pirate.

 While I was typing this blog Romeo walked up and touched the infamous band and Wild Man shouted;

"No, don't touch! I hurt myself with that!"

At least we learned something from this ordeal.

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