Saturday, October 24, 2009

No fear

After a week of uncooperative children and a lot of kicking a screaming (I promise I will work on that) my brain had become mush. I gave up all hope of trying to entertain my little darlings. So we went to a gymnastics place that had an open gym time.

It was awesome!

I am sure we will be there a lot this winter.

I will have to say that my little Romeo was a spectical. All the moms there were in Aw of his fearlessness.

First they had this trapeze bar that swung over a pit of foam.

Wild Man ran straight for it.

And since little bro has to do whatever big bro does...

Sorry for the blurry picture, phones are not meant to take action shots.

Romeo just smiled as big as he ever had and giggle the whole time. While I stood behind him wondering if the foam could hold my weight when I needed to jump and save him.

He did great getting through all the foam.

Maybe we should make one of these in the basement.

But Romeo's next feat was even more amazing.

What is a little hard to tell by the picture is how tall the stand that Romeo was on.

It came to my shoulders.

Then the foam was lower then the floor I was standing on.

The reason he doesn't look happy is because he wanted me to stand right next to him and count to 3.

Not take a picture of my incredibly daring offspring.

The teenage years are now that much more scary for me.

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