Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Leaves

When I was little I remember dad rake a big pile of leaves that would take it about an hour to do and then we would jump into them, build forts out of them or do whatever us kiddos would think up to do. Then when we were done, we would go inside eat a snack or watch tv and the leaves just magically raked themselves back into a pile.

I never gave it a thought about what happen to the leaves after we were done.

Then I became a parent. And I may not be the one raking the leaves, but I am the one watching the leaves being raked. And the one to encourage the one that is raking the leaves to continue to do so. 

At our TN house, we didn't have trees that dropped a significant amount of leaves that was worth raking, but at this house we do.

I was so exciting about letting the boys play in the leaves, and I am sure that Mr. Genius will be just as excited when the boys can be the ones to rake the leaves.


Here is Romeo saying cheese while admiring his leaf that he kept calling a spoon.


Then our weather man indicated rain, so we went inside.

(he hates it when rain hits his head)

So we went inside to cut open a pumpkin.

This was the only time Wild Man put his hand in the pumpkin guts. He thought is was gross.

But of course sticking your finger up your nose all day and showing off your treasures is not gross.

Boys are so complicated.

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