Monday, October 12, 2009

We all survived and I think we still love each other.

 Everyone has come and gone. And we are all having withdraws of seeing people other then ourselves in the morning.

We were a little cramped in the house, but we survived.

Griffin resorted to trying to find some privacy in the cabinets.

Wild Man, who decided to give Griffin the nick name Griffiny, thought he would introduce Griffin into the world of Mickey Mouse on the computer.

On Monday it was sunny and beautiful and 45 degrees. Warm to the people in the north and freezing to us southern folk. We opted for some indoor activity so we can stay warm. We went to a Jump place so the kids could get their energy out and we can stay warm. Apparently we were the only people who thought that it was cold because we were the only people there. Which is what I think helped Romeo actually have the courage to jump on one of the inflatables. This is amazing since just 6 months ago I couldn't be holding him and touch an inflatable with out cries of hysteria.

The next day we thought we would go to a pumpkin patch and get some cute pictures. The boys didn't like that idea so much.


They were not happy about being stuck in the wagon.

They just wanted to run in the puddles.

 We then drove into the city to a great apartment.
Just look at our view!


We were on the 30th floor. Mom and Dad got the apartment for us and this is ironic because mom hates heights. She wouldn't come within 10 feet of the windows. So thanks mom and dad for the apartment and for facing your fears.

On the drive there we witnessed a miracle.

 sorry for the small picture mom emailed it to me and my tech support just went to sleep. So this will have to do.

All the boys feel asleep! Yeah!

After they got a quick snooze in we went to the zoo.

Wild Man was so excited.

We went to the aquarium, where the boys got to pretend to be penguins.

Poor Eli this week was a little too much excitement for him.

And of course we had to get some of the local pizza.

I swear, this child eats as though every meal will be his last. Atleast he is polite about it.

We also went on a carriage ride and the Children's museum. We had a great time, and can't wait to come down at Thanksgiving to see everyone again!

Oh, and friends this is what a laundry room looks like after a week full of fun and vacationing from washing clothes.


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