Thursday, April 1, 2010

Joy of paint

Last night we got our foyer painted!!!

Have I mentioned how much a hate builder's paint?

I mean really hate it.

I hate that when you breath on it, it leaves a mark.

I hate that when you get it wet you will always see a water mark.

I hate the way you brush up against it with a sweater on and you will be able to see that color on the wall forever and ever, amen.

I am not bitter or anything.

So I knew when I walked into our house and saw this.

I knew we would be looking for a good painter.

Because as much as I hate builder's paint, I don't hate it enough to climb a huge ladder to paint the 2 story walls on top of those steps.

So thanks to a little bit of a tax refund... our foyer now looks like this!

I have some more plans for the foyer! So you will have to check back to see them!

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Caroline said...

It's amazing what paint can do!

I'm your newest follower! = )

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

The paint made such a difference. Still light and airy but has warmth to it. It goes well with your wood.