Friday, April 9, 2010

All gone

Like I have said before. My birthday was a couple of weeks ago. Most of my family just sends money (which I greatly appreciate) due to it being easier to send in the mail.

I have been doing my best to stretch out my birthday money as far as possible. I have bought a bench, patio set, cabinets for our laundry room, and a cubbard. All purchased off of Craigslist and all purchased for less then $250! Whoo Hoo.

Well I should say that as far as the patio set goes we haven't gotten the whole set yet. We are having a little issue in that area. I took all the seats out of my trustly minivan and could only fit the patio chairs in the van. The table is really big and round and was two inches to big no matter how we tried to fit it in. Soooo, unless we can find someone with a truck. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Mr. Genius gets back from CA tonight so we talked about tying it on top of the big ol van and slooooooowly make our way back home.

Once that happens I will have a patio set.

Fingers crossed

Then a couple of days ago my mom and I loaded the boys up in the van and headed to Ikea and I spent the last of my birthday money by getting a a countertop and fabric to freshen up the laundry room.

So now that my money is all spent I can start on the projects from my birthday money!!!

My first birthday project is my bench that I got for $20.

I know I want to stain the top part a dark walnut but I don't know exactly what I want to do with the bottom part.

I feel like I have reached my limit with white paint and would actually like to paint a color... like red or I would love to do a turquoise but I do not think it will go with my den/kitchen area. Oh well. More then likely I will just see what I have in my garage and that is what I will use.

So I got my boys working hard on sanding it down for me.

They thought it was fun for about a minute. But they helped none the less.

Hopefully in a few days I will have a new bench to show you... and patio furniture that is still in one piece.


Kat said...

Well...I'm a little jealous of what your birthday money bought to be honest. All of mine (and then some) has been sent to the Rwandan Embassy and U.S. Dept. of State. Sniff sniff. That prize will come hopefully before my next birthday though :)

Caroline said...

Wow, way to make it go a long way! Can't wait to see all the projects! Sounds like fun!

Sandra said...

Well, I just read this post or I would have emailed you sooner. I have a truck. So next time you buy some ginormous patio set or anything else you can't fit in your minivan, shoot me and email and I'll help you out. Then we can go to the Kane County Flea Market. Happy Late Birthday!