Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I think I can, I think I can

Do you remember right after we moved here we joined a play group? I was so excited to get out of the house since we didn't know anyone and the boys had little friends to play with.

Well, the group wasn't as excited about us. After just being in the group for a couple of months, we got kicked out.

I will be honest with you. I was crushed.

I cried for hours.

But what is really sad. I really didn't care to be friends with any of those girls outside of the group. We didn't have anything in common.

Every time I got back from the group, Mr. Genius would ask me how it went. I would reply, "Well...the boys had fun." Meaning ... not me. But to anyone that has moved to an area where you didn't know a sole. You know that you just long to get out of the house to talk to someone... anyone. As women we need that interaction with other people.

What also hurt was that they just sent me an email to tell me I was out.

I felt like I was back in middle school where I would have gotten a note passed to me between classes and I would have heard snickering and whispers as I walked down the hall.

The reason we were kicked out was because they thought Romeo was too aggressive.

Yes, Romeo is a boy who can be aggressive. But at that time Romeo was 19 months old. He was use to playing with a big brother who is very aggressive. So when you stick a 19 month old little boy around girls who think your little 19 month old boy looks like a baby doll and wants to play house with him. the 19 month old will push the little girls out of the way so he can go down the slide and not play house. In their defense Romeo did push the little girls a lot, and I corrected him every time. Even moving him to other areas of the park but the girls kept migrating towards their live baby doll.

So that is the reason we got kicked out.

I have run into one girl that is in the group and apparently the rest of the group didn't understand why we left. So it wasn't a group decision. 

Now fast forward to today.

I signed Wild man up for story time at the Library.

As I rounded the corner to take Wild Man to his room there she stood. The leader that kicked me out and her son.

I may or may not have asked my mom if I could run over there and just mention to her that her son is a pansie and then I possibly could have texted a friend and said if I sit on her, you can slap her around.

But what I did do was nothing...not. a. thing.

Which as I went on with my day I realized doing nothing is almost as worse as doing what I wanted to do.

I remembered in college when I was going through a rough time my dad told me that everything happens for a reason. Usually for us to learn a lesson. Whether it be to forgive someone, deal with temptation or whatever the situation is I should try to learn the lesson now of the lesson will get harder and harder to deal with til I do learn the lesson.

Like what Matthew 6:15 says:
"But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins."

I know that I have done far worse things in my life then kicking someone out of a play group. So who am I to not forgive her when the Lord has forgiven me of so much more?

So next week when I see the play group leader I do not know what I will say to her. But I think I will just start by just saying a simple, Hi.


Jane said...

I'm proud of you,sweetheart. Because when you pointed her out to me,I wanted to go pull her dirty frosted hair out. Ok I feel better I said that! Now you go on and forgive her!!

Caroline said...

Wow, you are definitely a better person than me!

But I hold grudges...yikes.

I'm sorry about the play group situation! = ( That's got to be so hard!

Alyssa Barnett said...

oh that would be so hurtful to be kicked out...but you are right! God does forgive us (Thank You Lord!) so we are instructed to forgive those that hurt us.
Thanks for the sweet reminder...
I just happened upon your blog in a round about way!

God Bless


Katie said...

Wow that stinks. I can't believe she kicked you out! I would have wanted to do the same thing to her, but wouldn't have because I have no guts, not because I'm as forgiving as you are. Way to go!

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

That sucks. I call that "high school" syndrome, you'll always have people who are perpetually stuck in the high school mindset.

This also reminds me of Romans 12:20 - "If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head."

When I was younger I used to think that "you will heap burning coals on his head" meant you'll drive your enemy crazy, (which I was like, Yeah!) but now knowing that this doesn't really follow the spirit of the scripture (and after reading the little notes at the bottom of the Bible)I found out that this instead means that through your kindness you'll lead them to repentance for their actions.

Good luck :)

Lyndsey said...

Katie, that is crazy they kicked you out! I love your mom's comment!! Too funny! I guess you really should just be nice.

Jamey and Beth said...

Ha!! That is so funny---did you tell her that he was probably just trying to hug the girls??? How could little Romeo be aggressive at all??? I think that I might want to slap her too for hurting my friend!! You can come to my house and play anytime you want!

Katie Petro said...

Can you imagine what she will feel if you walk up next to her and just say, "hi". Sounds like an awesome idea to me. And maybe she'll realize she made a mistake, or not and you'll be the better one for it! Good for you Katie...but I'll still hold her down while you slap her if you want! HAHA!!!! :)

Sweetwater Savings said...

I just found you from the Ultimate Blog Party so I obviously don't know you, but I'll be happy to help Katie P hold her down for you (I want to put LOL here, but I'm not entirely kidding:)! I can't believe how rotten some people can be. I totally get how you felt by not saying anything at all, but it was the best way to handle it - she probably would have loved a nasty reaction from you. Your dad was right, God does everything for a reason and you will be better off in the end. And it never fails that what goes around comes around.

homebody0404 said...

Ugh, I can't stand it when grown women still act like "mean girls". I would choose to ignore her because chances are she hasn't changed and I wouldn't want to "subject" myself to her again. I wouldn't go out of my way to avoid her, I just wouldn't acknowledge her. Does that make sense? I'm about to move, I'm nervous!

Tell your friend "Jane", that I'm glad she refrained from pulling her "dirty, frosted hair" out!!! Hilarious!

dawn said...

First of all, you can get kicked out of a play group??? I'm not up on the toddler mom world anymore I guess! yikes!

and wow...this is really where the rubber of our faith hits the road. when it's hard and goes against our human nature. good for you for recognizing your need to forgive...and being willing. God will meet your there!

Laanykidsmom said...

Thanks for sharing this. I too find it easy to hold grudges, but in reading my 5 year olds's devotions to him I have been so struck by the parable of the unmerciful servant, where the king forgave him a huge debt but then the servant turned around and would not forgive his friend a tiny debt. I don't want to be like that. It is hard, but it sounds like you are doing the right thing! Good luck with the lady next time you go to the library!

Playing Sublimely said...

LOVE the name of your blog! Nice to meet you!