Friday, April 2, 2010

Just another morning

This morning I went into the garage to empty out our recycling bin. ( I am slowly but surely learning becoming a tree hugger). 

Since my boys get up at the crack of dawn it was till fairly dark out and there are not any windows in our garage.

I turned on the light and it just blew out.


So I kept the door to the kitchen open to let light in.

Just when I turned around to head back to the kitchen I heard little footsteps running towards the garage.

I knew Romeo was looking for me so I called out that I was in the garage.

His little blond head appeared.

He smiled real big and said, "Bye, bye mommy."

And the shut the door.

Crap... it is stinking dark in here.

"Romeo can you open the door, please."

I hear muffled giggles.

"Honey mommy can't see...can you please open the door."

Then Romeo decided to show me his new trick.

He locked the door.

And I right then completely regretted not child proofing that door.

Mr. Genius was in the shower, I was in my Pjs, and I just remembered how Mr. Genius and I talked about how we need to put a spare key out somewhere.

So I did what I would like to think most parents would do in that situation.

Bang frantically at the door and tried to bribe anything I could think to get him to figure out how to unlock the door.

After about 5 minutes Romeo figured it out.

I was free and Romeo got some M & M's for breakfast.

So we were both happy.

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