Monday, April 19, 2010

Some things will never change.

I got this cabinet off of craigslist a little while back.


I went to Ikea and got some stain... but since I didn't read the label very well I thought it was paint. But alas it was stain.

As you can recall, my mom came to visit last week. I mentioned that I am still going to try to use the stain on the cabinet, just sand it down a little more.

Mom said, " I don't think you will be happy with that stain on the cabinet."

I said, "Nah, I will still try it, it will be fine."

Now fast forword a couple of days and 4 coats of stain later.

She was right.

I am not happy with the stain on the cabinet.

So all of you mother's out there who are saying over and over to your kids. "I am the mother and I know better."

Guess what... it doesn't change.

So mom please consider this my public acknowledgement to let everyone know... once again, you are right and I was wrong.

Even at 32 years of age, it is still hard to admit. ;)


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

LOL! This made me laugh. I'm sorry you aren't happy with the stain though. Hopefully you will be able to find one that you like soon!

Katie said...

HA! I hope you can figure out how to fix it!!!

Traci66 said...

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vixbeth said...

Hi, I'm your newest follower from Monday Madness. I hopped over from Adventures of a Betty Crocker Wanna-Ba. I hope you have a great Monday.

Kristin said...

Hilarious! Don't you hate it when our moms are STILL right? Good thing it doesn't happen too often!! ;)

raggygirlvintage said...

Take a break and start over, it will be gorgeous when you're all done!

Jessica Guthrie said...

Oh I hate when they are right! I am exactly the same way. I have to try it for myself then learn from it. LOL I am stopping by from MM! I am so glad I got a chance to find your blog . I hope you get a chance to swing by sometime over at mine at my email is if you are ever interested I would love to swap blog features sometime. Have a Wonderful Week!

Twee Poppets said...

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The Tucker Family said...

Thanks for participating in the Monday Madness blog hop! We hope your Monday isn't too "Madness-y"


Sailing Simply said...

LOL! It's hard to take when they are right, but rest assured your day will come with your own children. Looks like a redo for you, it happens. It's fixable! You can do it!

Cassie said...

So true!!

Jane said...

Wow! I was right? That doesn't happen often. Just paint it. Paint fixes everything! Love you!!

Denise said...

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